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If you're ready to explore your creative journey in a supportive container with me and my good friend, the tarot, I’d be honored to read tarot for you.

My services are uniquely designed to support and hold space for creatives. I draw on my 15+ years of professional experience in creative industries, my qualifications as a certified Shadow work practitioner, tarot reader, and published author writing at the intersection of spirituality and creativity.


I believe in democratising access to the tarot: my offers start at $28 USD, discounts and free resources are available to subscribers of my newsletter, and I'm open to discussing equitable service exchanges (email me at  

Scroll on to find the offer that's right for you...

Image by Airis Noyer


Spark / Soothe / Sustain

In my signature offer, I hold space for your creative experience and bring tarot, Shadow Work, and art therapy techniques to the table to help you unblock, generate ideas, and get what you need to feel creatively fulfilled. 

50 minutes, delivered over Zoom.

Choose your flavour:

Spark: Perfect for beginning a new project, or working yourself out of a sticking point. We'll draw cards to generate ideas, explore new directions, and unlock blocks.

Soothe: Get the support you need to help you cope with creative burnout, rejection, and block. I'll hold space for your difficulties and pull cards to help you reflect on where you've been, release what's holding you back, and reclaim your creative autonomy.

Sustain: Tend to your creative soul and ambitions by setting aside time to set goals and nurture your creative rituals. In this session we'll pill cards to help clarify your creative direction, and work together to build out an action plan/ritual that supports and sustains your unique creative practice.



Enrich your personal tarot practice with support and guidance from me. 

In a live 25-minute Zoom session, we can:

  • Explore a tricky card that's come up in your own practice

  • Brainstorm ways to call in the energy of a specific tarot archetype

  • Generate creative ideas inspired by a single card you love - or fear

  • Help you connect more deeply to any single card in the deck



Looking for ongoing creative support, or training to offer your own tarot for creativity services?

Let's work together to create a bespoke container for actioning your creative goals. 


I can offer coaching, accountability, and/or editorial support to help you:

  • Develop a book proposal/draft

  • Keep the creative spark alive in your business

  • Develop your own tarot-for-creativity offer

  • Manage transitions in your creative career

  • Rediscover your inner-artist

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Chelsey Pippin Mizzi's work has been featured in BuzzFeed, Metro, New York Magazine's The Strategist, Creative Boom, etc
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